Monday 29 January 2007

who we are

Ok, you've read "what is meio desligado". Pretty words, uh? But how to trust in something written by someone who you don't know and barely speaks english?


To know that people who writes in Meio Desligado are not a bunch of stupid motherfuckers, nothing better than some lists about us and our favorite bands, movies, and books, don't you think?

Read the things below to make sure that we have a good knowledge and feeling for music and that we are cool and sexy young brazilians...


Marcelo Santiago

{ Student of journalism at PUC Minas and graphic design at Uni-BH; editor of Cinema Em Cena; the man behind P.U.T.A.; responsible for the empire Mazzacane = indie vs pop; director of some videos; photographer beginner; portfolio here, podcast there, orkut here, myspace there and all works you find here }

Favorite bands in all time:

Favorite brazilian bands:

5 cds near perfection:

Favorite films:

Worst movies seen in the last times:


Television? It's so archaic, but sometimes I see...

Favorite porn star:

Favorite shows:

How people usually describes him:

  • idiot
  • megalomaniac
  • pretensious
  • the one
  • incredible
  • fucker
  • marvelous
  • uh!
  • undescribable

Juliana Semedo

{ Journalism student, when there is time for it. Working at Biblioteca Pública since a year and half ago (I need another job, you if know a good one, please tell me!). Pseudo critic and reviewer of films, books and other cultural objects (Visit my blog, Eats a lot, cries a lot, talks a lot, likeable, scoffer, sometimes ironic and a little confused }


...outside Brazil

* Smashing Pumpkins
* Nirvana
* The Strokes
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* Belle And Sebastian

Anytime, anywhere:
Bob Dylan

...brazilian bands

* Los Hermanos
* Mombojó
* Ludovic
* Monno
* Blemish


* Paris, Texas
* Pulp Fiction
* 21 Grams
* The Godfather
* Almost Famous


* Anything of Carlos Drummond de Andrade – always!!!!
* Chronicles: Volume One (Bob Dylan)
* On the Road (Jack Kerouac)
* Uma aprendizagem ou O livro dos Prazeres (Clarice Lispector)
* High Fidelity (Nick Hornby)

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