Sunday 28 January 2007


Meio Desligado purpose is simple: a blog about brazilian indie rock music, to keep you informed of what is happening into these musical scenes in Brazil.

We're brazilians, we're part of this indie / rock scene. We are just a few people trying to make brazilian alternative music a little bit more knowed outside our country.

As you can see, our english is not very good, but we'll do our best here to be understandable.
Again, as you all can see, we don't have money to pay a service of web hosting. That's why redirects you to, our original-portuguese version of Meio Desligado.
But we thought: "why restrict our musical knowledge to people who speaks portuguese? Why don't we make a english version of it?". Yeah! That's what we did and here we are!

Every year brazilian indie scene gets bigger and better, but it still needed a place to reunite all the information about the best bands coming from it. That's why Meio Desligado exists.

Here you can read about brazilians indie rock bands, reviews of albuns and shows, interviews, see photos, videos, listen to podcasts and lots of mp3, and find links to know and download the best bands of indie rock in Brazil.

We hope you have a good time.


Ps.: we choose the name "meio desligado" because of the well-knowed brazilian band Os Mutantes. Os Mutantes is one of the most influencial brazilian bands of all time and Ando Meio Desligado is the name of one of their best musics.


  1. Dunno how I ended up on your page, but great work guys! In fact I'm always looking for new music. I'm from switzerland and in a way I can say the same thing about my country.
    -ok, there are music pages, but not in english or portugues :)
    a nice video for goodbye folks! rock on! hope you enjoy

  2. your website looks great, and i love that your doing this DIY. Writing in English (even if its broken) helps dumb Americans like me navigate your site better. I have a site similar to this in the states to those who are interested here is a sample of the content