Sunday 20 May 2007

download > Pin Ups: Bruce Lee, Lee Marvin, Jodie Foster

Pin Ups was one of the most important bands in Brazil through the 90's. Their sound was influenced by punk, guitar noise and grunge, and the albuns available here are part of their "cinematographic trilogy": Jodie Foster (1995), Lee Marvin (1997) and Bruce Lee (1999), last record of the band.

Jodie Foster is more punk and grunge; Lee Marvin shows a band doing loud and noisy indie rock; and Bruce Lee brings two new songs recorded at studio and a live semi-acoustic show, featuring songs from all the times of their career and covers of groups like Kraftwerk and Beatles.


From left to right: Jodie Foster (1995), Lee Marvin (1997) e Bruce Lee (1999).
Click over the images to download.

Listen to "Fast Cars", from the album Lee Marvin.


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